How To Assemble a Charcuterie Platter: The Grazing Haus Method

How To Assemble a Charcuterie Platter: The Grazing Haus Method

Always wondered how Grazing Haus assembles our grazing platters? Well, here we are sharing our steps for you to try at home.

Over the past 2 years Ali Eck founder of Grazing Haus has developed the style that Grazing Haus is now known for. There is a 5 step process to assembling grazes to ensure each one is undeniably Grazing Haus. Here we share those steps.


Step 1: Prep + Place


Prep - pre slice your cheese so that your friends and family are able to easily pick up pieces from the platter. Clean your fresh produce and allow it to dry.

Place - establish the lay of the land on your platter by placing down any bowls you will be using ex: honey, mustard, jam, olives


Step 2: Cheese & Charcuterie


Style your pre sliced cheeses on your platter around your placed bowls, then layer in your charcuterie. Don't be afraid to layer and alternate your folding.


Step 3: Grapes & Olives


Now it's time to place your large grapes and pickled items on the board.


Step 4: Layering Details


It's all in the details. This step is crucial to bring the graze together, layer your fresh berries, crunchy nuts, dried fruits, and of course something sweet.




A fresh rosemary garnish is the final step. Remember we eat not only with our mouths but with our eyes and ears too!


Did you find this helpful? If you did, and you decide to create a graze using our steps, please be sure to tag us #GrazingHaus and @GrazingHaus on Instagram and Facebook.


About Grazing Haus:


Grazing Haus is South West Florida's First Grazing Company. Established in 2019, we are 100% woman owned and operated. Our shop is located at 821 Cape Coral Parkway W #9 Cape Coral, FL 33914. Please stop by and pick up and ready to go graze and say hello.


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