How to Create a Simple Cheese & Charcuterie Platter

How to Create a Simple Cheese & Charcuterie Platter

Grazing Haus is known for its extravagant grazing platters, so today we wanted to share how creating a simple board can still be beautiful.


We took a small board and sliced our favorite triple cream cheese - St. Andre into small triangles. We then hopped over to our fridge and pulled out some soppressata, grapes, peaches, and crackers. Together we were able to put together this simple and delicious graze for 2-3.


  • St. Andre - 5 oz

  • Sopresatta - 2 oz

  • Peaches - 1/2

  • Grapes - handful

  • Honey - 1 oz

  • Rosemary Garnish


  1. Slice the triple cream using a wire cutter - we linked our favorite one here

  2. Place your bowl for the honey and fill it

  3. Add the soppressata - fold it half and then in half again to create a fluffy look - see our tutorial video at the bottom of this page

  4. Layer in your crackers and peaches

  5. Top with grapes and rosemary and Enjoy!

Watch our salami tutorial here:


Check out some images of our platter to get inspired next time you go to make a graze!

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