What is a Grazing Table?

What is a Grazing Table?

Grazing Tables are the most sought-after service that Grazing Haus offers. We take charcuterie to the next level with this catering service. Here are a few things you'll want to know when booking a table.

This is an on-site catering service, which means tables do not arrive pre-made, our staff styles the graze on-site. A Grazing Haus staff member arrives between 1.5-2 hours before your event is to start.

The customer must provide a flat surface for the graze - Grazing Haus does not stock tables to rent. We ask customers to please send images of the area we will be styling on. Spaces we have worked on include Kitchen Tables, Kitchen Islands, and Bar Tops. (images below)

3. The Menu: our tables come pre-set to a classic cheese and charcuterie menu + crudites. Should you like to amend the menu please ensure that is submitted with your request. Not all requests will be met however we do our best to accept all adjustments.

4. The Style: Grazing Haus offers two styles of tables. The top seller is our FLAT LAY style. The table is assembled directly on butcher paper. Grazing Haus staff does not return for clean-up - all items are for the customer to keep or discard.

Style 2: THE Grazing Table includes pricing for the rental of boards, props, and greenery. This table is set and then a staff member returns 2 hours later for cleanup and retrieval of rental items.

5. To Book: Grazing Haus requires a 50% non-refundable deposit to secure your date and time.

For your custom proposal please email: grazinghaus@gmail.com with the following information:



Number of People

Meal or Appetizer portion

We hope this article helped explain the Grazing Table catering option. We look forward to grazing your next event.
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