What is GRAZING? It's a Life Style.

What is GRAZING? It's a Life Style.

Let's get a few things straight. Now that the shop is open I have been getting the much-desired walk-ins. And it's gone in the following two extreme ways:


"Oh, I saw your sign and had to come in and see, what do you do?" I explain our services, and the typical response is "oh people buy those?" so then I watch them leave and I really question what did I actually open...


But then I get a silver lining when someone walks in and says:


"Oh my gosh we just moved here and we have a cheese girl back home, I can't believe Cape Coral has a place like this we are so excited!" I kid you not my eyes light up and I could cry instantly with relief.


Has anyone else in the cheese world experienced this? If not prepare yourself for all sorts of fun talks that come when opening a shop.


So now that it's been over a month I have a few ways to explain grazing and I think it would do the internet good if I shared it publicly here in this blog.


So what is grazing? What does it mean? Isn't that what cows and horses do? Well yes, and now it's what humans do too! To tackle those less familiar I try to bring up tapas. Remember when tapas came out? If you don't let's take a quick history lesson.

The idea of tapas came about in the 13th century, under King Alfonso X 'The Wise'. He was prescribed a large quantity of wine whilst recovering from an illness and ate small portions of food to diminish the effects of alcohol. So basically he's the king of tapas and wine. Does anyone else wish doctors still prescribed that sort of medicine??

So back to the point - tapas was a new way of eating that took some adapting and educating. Ordering a lot of small plates, sharing with friends, and not eating one big meal has finally caught on. People now look for tapas-style restaurants and enjoy the leisure style of eating, and the benefit of trying many plates over the course of the meal.


Now enter 2017/2018 the first grazing companies enter the internet scene over in Europe and Australia *of course, leaders in trendy things and also WAY more culturally endowed than our fast food-loving American selves* People are assembling meat and cheese in the most show-stopping ways, and sweeping internet feeds. Our phones are filled with beautiful things that are too pretty to eat. The main ingredients of the show: meat and cheese. We begin calling them charcuterie boards and from then on there was no stopping the train.


Charcuterie boards became increasingly more intricate and detailed. People begin food styling and really find creative outlets for themselves through food. The best part is that some people found themselves very creative and good at assembling boards, and then others couldn't be bothered. So they started BUYING them from their creative friends. Doesn't it all just make sense? We all can't be good at the same things, and in a world where convenience is key to our day-to-day lives, charcuterie boards just made sense on the list of things we want to buy.


So you buy a board, you open it up, and you're about to dig in. You're probably the experienced one of the group and have had many a graze before. So it's up to you as the grazing ambassador to explain how to begin choosing a cheese, picking a charcuterie, and what accompaniments go best. You are the grazing ambassadors, and every family needs a member like you!


Grazing is all about the journey, it's discovering what cheeses pair with the right nuts or berries. Which one is better with honey, jam, or mustard? What combos can you come up with? Don't forget there should also be a wine involved so try the wine with each cheese see what your tastebuds find to be the most delectable. I hope that this article explains how eating trends can come about and eventually become part of your day-to-day lives. It all starts with one person who introduces you to a new way of enjoying life, and from then on you're a grazing expert yourself.


Shop Grazing Haus weekly Tuesday - Saturday, our fridge is stocked with platters, or place your reservation item on our website today and experience grazing with your family this weekend.

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